Criminals can steal your valuable personal data from your mobile devices.

Smartphone use is increasing, and mobile devices are an attractive target for criminals. Android, Apple and iOS devices have all been targeted for cyber-attacks, especially those apps that get downloaded and share information across multiple devices on the cloud or on shared websites.

The number of recent data breaches on social media websites puts you at greater risk of identity theft.

Criminals can target individuals through social networks or e-commerce sites. Many social sites now allow a sign-up from existing social media sites that share all personal information.

Email continues to be a key area for targeting large numbers of people.

Email attacks involve phishing links that are sent to email accounts requesting confidential information or directing people to malicious websites. If accounts are hacked and a link is sent to all your contacts, this can target many people all at once. Spammers are getting more sophisticated at finding a way through protective firewalls.

Combined factors increase the risk of Identity Theft which can threaten your financial stability and credit worthiness.

In an instant, what you have worked hard to build and protect, could be at risk – get the peace of mind that you deserve and put ID Sentry to work for you by monitoring the public and dark web for any of your lost or stolen registered items, alerting you to the risks that are identified, allowing you to act before things get complicated.

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