About ID Sentry

Cybercrime is on the rise, so you need to take steps to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud. ID Sentry provides a comprehensive service to keep your personal and financial profiles safe and your identity protected - all the time, anywhere in the world and across all devices.

Card and Documents

Register bank and other cards, as well as important documents with ID Sentry, to help protect against identity theft in the event they are lost or stolen.

Online Monitoring

ID Sentry continuously monitors your online personal and financial information and alerts you when you are at risk of identity theft or fraud.

Device Protection

Keep your devices protected from phishing and key-logging attacks with ID Sentry protective software – two of the fastest-growing online threats.

Why you need Identity Protection?

The global threat of identity theft, fraud and data breaches continues to grow, with the fraudulent use of personal data being used for illegal financial gain.

This means that personal and financial information is increasingly at risk through the greater use of social media and e-commerce.

Media reports show an increase in the frequency of reported cases of data breaches and cyber attacks worldwide. Last year alone, there were:

personal records leaked globally1

of all data breaches globally resulted in loss of personal information1

of identity fraud was committed online2

With ID Sentry, you can take steps now to protect yourself against cybercrime.

Source:1Gemalto 2015 Breach level index - 2CIFAS Fraudscape 2016

Key Features of ID Sentry Protection

Your personalised dashboard gives you quick and easy access to the most important ID Sentry features, including:

  • Quick views of your current overall, personal and financial risk
  • Alerts and notifications when we find sensitive information published on a web site
  • Easy access to software downloads for desktop and mobile protection

Contact us

For all general enquiries email us at: support@myidesentry.com

For assistance or support please call 0333 122 3324 or email us at support@myidesentry.com