Card and document assistance

In the event that your cards or documents are lost or stolen – anywhere in the world – our multilingual support team is available to help 24/7.

We provide assistance in blocking or cancelling lost or stolen cards, We also securely store copies of important documents, including scanned copies of passports, driving licences, and insurance policies, for easy retrieval, providing you with the peace of mind that you can access missing items without delay.

We will send you an email reminder prior to the registered expiry date of your cards or documents and also store details of your keys and mobile phones so that you have the information to hand should you need to request replacements.

Online monitoring

We continually scan the internet for personal information that could be used illegally to trade stolen personal and financial details on the ‘dark web’. ID Sentry provides constant online monitoring to mitigate the risk of this happening to you.

Once you register your personal and financial information on the member portal,ID Sentry monitors the public internet and ‘dark web’ illegal websites for your registered information and sends you email alerts to highlight potential risks. Details of any potential security breaches can be viewed and assessed, so that you can take action wherever needed.

Device protection

Two of the fastest-growing online threats are phishing and key-logging attacks. With ID Sentry, you can download protective software on up to three PCs and three mobile devices. This protects you when you work on a desktop or on the move on a mobile or tablet.

The downloadable mobile app not only protects against phishing and key-logging attacks, but also includes a secure browser and secure keypad options.

Contact us

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