with ID Sentry

  • Enter your personal and contact details.
  • Register cards and documents on our secure site.
  • Upload copies of documents for secure storage and retrieval.

protective software

  • Download software to protect against phishing attacks and key-logging software on up to three PCs.
  • Download a mobile app on up to three tablets or mobile phones (iOS or Android).
  • Respond to any on-screen messages that alert s you to a potential phishing website. These messages warn you not to give away username and password details that criminals can capture.

Set up
online monitoring

  • Keep personal details up-to-date so that we can monitor websites that publish your personal details.
  • Choose which cards and documents you want us to monitor.

Get alerts
and notifications

  • Sign in to the member portal to see an assessment of your online risk. Results are classified as ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ or ‘High’, depending on the potential risk of the information found.
  • For each alert, check the date found, the type of information available, and the URL link to the website where we found your information.
  • Decide if the information should be published on the website and take appropriate action. You can also identify ‘trusted’ websites to ignore future alerts.

our support team

  • If your cards get lost or stolen, if you require copies of important documents, or if you need any further assistance, the ID Sentry team is here to help.

Contact us

For all general enquiries email us at:

For assistance or support please call 0333 122 3324 or email us at